Top 10 Celebrity Owned Hotels

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It is no doubt that the world revolves around the lifestyle of the rich and famous. From custom fitted designer wear to fine dining, they are known to receive first class treatment and attention whatever ground they step on. This also means that they know what luxury is all about. So it is without a […]

It is no doubt that the world revolves around the lifestyle of the rich and famous. From custom fitted designer wear to fine dining, they are known to receive first class treatment and attention whatever ground they step on. This also means that they know what luxury is all about. So it is without a doubt that they will most certainly inject this into their work and business. Yes, some celebrities have used their lifestyle to create a world that is inspired entirely on them. From over-the-top infinity pools to excellent rooftop views, here are the Top 10 Hotels owned by celebrities that will blow your mind away.

Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant in Carmel, California

The former mayor of Carmel and naturalist, Eastwood bought the 160 acers dairy farm and converted it into a 32-room rural chic hotel. The hotel’s mouldings, doorframes and hardware are all designed to match the style of the original buildings. The hotel, surrounded by historic cypress and eucalyptus trees and new landscape gardens, consists of a Farmhouse restaurant, Honeymoon Cottage, Main Barn rooms, Hayloft and Meadowview rooms with views of the ocean as well as an open meadow that still protect the sheep that live on the ranch.

Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant

Robert De Niro’s The Greenwich Hotel in New York City, New YorkCompelete with a TriBeCa inspired Penthouse, an Asian Shibui spa, a 250 Japanese Bamboo House, a gym and pool and one New York’s finest Italian restaurants, Locanda Verde, De Niro’s 88 room hotel serves as one of the main attractions of downtown New York. Each room and suite is diverse and different, drawing cultural influences from all over the world in furniture and bedding. From Tibetan silk rugs to Moroccan tiled bathrooms, each room is unique and special, bringing an essence of all the different parts of the world straight to you.

Penthouse Suite, The Greenwich Hotel

 Gloria Estefan’s Costa d’Este Beach Resort in Vero Beach, Florida

A laid back haven amidst glorious golden sand beaches, the hotel is described as the ‘Hamptons of Miami’ by guests. It is owned by Latin singer Gloria Estefan and husband Emilio, musician and producer of Miami Sound Machine and delivers all the notions of Cuban lifestyle. Complete with 98 rooms, an infinity pool, spa and an exclusive breach front location, Costa d’Este also delivers an excellent Cuban feast of their own fresh, organic produce, that is catered to your taste and liking and which can enjoyed with spectacular views of the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Infinity Pool at Costa d’Este Beach Resort

 Jason Priestley’s Terrace Beach Resort, Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada

Covering both, beach and rainforest locations, 90210 star, Jason Priestley’s magnificent resort allows a luxurious break from only $20 per stay. Bravura cabins and suites, along with beach-front cottages propel you into a world of its own, complete with sunsets that rival the best you have seen. Choose from going fishing in the tranquil rivers and enjoy the catch barbequing on the beach or immerse yourself into a hot tub on the rainforest deck and enjoy the misty views of the lush greenery. A true rustic, family-style resort that allocates all the luxuries and benefits of a top class hotel.

En-Suite Hot Tub – Terrace Beach Resort

 Bob Marley’s Marley Resort & Spa in Nassau, Bahamas

Stephanie Marley, the daughter of legendary Bob Marley, resurrected this elegant, golden hued, Jamaican inspired hotel 16 years ago. The setting is distinct with luxuriant gardens, with swimming pools and hot tubs overlooking the sea. The hotel consists of a small number of 16 suites that are well-dressed and spacious, where no two rooms are alike, evoking a certain Jamaican grace. Each suite is named after Marley’s songs – “One Love,” “Three Little Birds,” “Misty Mornings.” All rooms feature hand-carved mahogany furniture, wall art inspired by the Caribbean’s and Africa, flowing fabrics in exotic batik prints, and coral-tiled baths with walk-in showers, each decorated intricately different from the other.

Balcony View, Marley Resort and Spa

 Francis Ford Coppola’s Blancaneaux Lodge in San Ignacio, Belize

Lodging for complete escapism and solitude, Blacaneaux provides all the core elements that are needed for complete severance of the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Coppola visited Belize in the 1980’s and fell head over heels for it, promptly purchasing the abandoned lodge. It is a true hideout in the midst of luscious rainforest on the Maya Mountains. 20 luxurious cabanas and villas cover the proportion of the building with views of magnificent waterfalls that tumble into crystal-clear turquoise pools. A truly tranquil setting to pass an easy afternoon, or an evening, as you watch the moon rise amid the tall and bushy trees that surround the hotel.

Outdoor Pool at Blancaneaux Lodge

 Bono and The Edge’s The Clarence in Dublin, Ireland

A true Irish feast for the eyes, ears and soul, U2 band members, Bono and The Edge, invested and renovated the Clarence House into a vivacious hotel which now provides the true essence of Ireland. Located on the River Liffey and set in the middle of the vibrant city with shops, sights and entertainment only a walk away, the hotel mixes modern effervescence with tradition. If staying the night is too much, it is advised that visitors try out the Octagon Bar, infamous for their exceptional cocktails and drinks.

View from The Clarence

 Abba’s Benny Andersson’s Hotel Rival in Stockholm, Sweden

Located on the beautiful and serene island of Södermalm, the hotel is just a few steps from the numerous bars and restaurants. Not that the hotel doesn’t house everything within itself, from a selection of cds – including Abba’s Gold collection, a sound system and Playstation to an on-site bakery and a restored cinema, the place has you covered in every direction in the aspect of entertainment. The rooms are distinctly elaborate with plush sofas and chairs that give out vibes of a chic Boutique mixed with wooden interiors to match the Swedish vibes.

Hotel Rival Stockholm Interior

Elizabeth Hurley’s No. 11 Cadogan Gardens in London, England

Fresh amongst the bustling city, No.11 Cadogen Gardens is a luxurious, boutique style hotel fit for a true elite London experience. It was originally converted from four Victorian houses for Lord Chelsea into the six floored edifice it is today. With Harrods, Hyde Park and the River Thames just a few steps away, this hotel makes for an ideal location with stunning views outside every curtained window. Complete with chandeliers, velvet throws and golden mirrors, the hotel promises a stay of aristocratic standards.

Bedroom Suite, No.11 Cadogen Gardens

 Simple Minds’ Jim Kerr’s Hotel Villa Angela in Taormina, Sicily, Italy

The number one spot has been snagged by Kerr’s elegant Hotel Villa Angela and it is with utmost confidence that we can say this hotel will unquestionably meet your Sicilian expectations. With its panoramic terrace views of the magnifica valle below and a garden filled with spectacular lush greenery of lemon and olive trees, this one is sure to transport you to a Mediterranean paradise. In addition to this, the rooms are adorned with chestnut and wrought iron furniture to add to the Sicilian characteristic. A small terrace and large windows to each room deliver the extravagance and comfort that of a grandee.

Panaromic Rooftop View at Hotel Villa Angela