Tom Hanks Net Worth

Net Worth

$390 Million

  • DOB: July 9, 1956
  • Birthplace: Concord, California, United States
  • Age: 58
  • Star Sign: Cancer
  • After Actor Spencer Tracy, Hanks was the second actor to win consecutive Best Actor Oscars for his acting roles in 1993’s “Philadelphia” and 1994’s “Forest Gump.”
  • He gained and later lost 50 pounds for his role in “Cast Away.”
  • Contributed a whopping $50,000 to help pay for Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration.
  • Hanks was nominated for the most Academy Awards from the years 1994 until 2004 out of actors such as Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Judi Dench and Ed Harris. He won two out of four nominations.
  • Has purchased over 80 typewriters from all around the world.