Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World

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To all of you who wonder, “What the hell do millionaires do with all that money?” Here’s a look at the cost of a retreat per night fit for these ridiculous salaries. Royal Suite – $22,000/Night, Burj Al Arab, Dubai What an incredible experience it would be, to spend a night or two at the […]

To all of you who wonder, “What the hell do millionaires do with all that money?” Here’s a look at the cost of a retreat per night fit for these ridiculous salaries.

Royal Suite – $22,000/Night, Burj Al Arab, Dubai

What an incredible experience it would be, to spend a night or two at the palatial quarters of the Royal Suite at the Burj Al Arab! The 780 square meter room comes with its own butler, a private lift and cinema. The suite is significantly well designed to fit its opulent standard painted in deep reds, blues and golds, it includes a rotating four-poster bed with 17 different kinds of pillows, a bathroom with five-head rain showers, outstanding views of the Arabian Gulf and other amenities such as Hermes bath products and a 24 carat gold plated iPad. The hotel also features the restaurant Al Mahara, with the most unique attribute – it is located under the sea!

Burj Al Arab

Bedroom – Royal Suite

Burj Al Arab

Bathroom – Royal Suite

Presidential Suite – $25,000/Night, Ritz Carlton, Tokyo

Located on the 53rd floor of the tallest building in the city, offering panoramic views of the Shinjuku skyline, Mount Fuji and Roppongi Hills, this Presidential Suite is sure to, literally, leave you out of breath. The room features a marble bathroom; king sized four-poster featherbed with Frette linen, a walk-in closet and pantry, a private den and a dining room to fit to feed 16 guests.

Presidential Suite – Ritz Carlton, Tokyo

Royal Plaza Suite – $30,000/Night – Plaza Hotel, New York

Home Alone lovers will have heard a background rant of Kevin McCallister’s recorder at the mention of this next hotel. The Plaza Hotel in New York, known for its exuberance and ornate interiors, gives way to the lavish Royal Plaza Suite. The suite is decorated and styled according to the ambience of the royal court of Louis XV, complete with extravagant textiles and elegant furniture fit for imperial standards. The suite comes with excellent views of Manhattan – Fifth Avenue and the Pulitzer Fountain. Adorned exquisitely with chandeliers, luxurious rugs, a grand piano, a dining room for 12 people and a private library, this suite is truly an epitome of luxury.

Living Room – Royal Plaza Suite

Bathroom – Royal Plaza Suite

The Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation – $40,000/Night – The Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

A resort within a resort, this is no ordinary hotel suite – it is an estate situated high up in the hills of the island, covering 1,200 square meters of living space and 11,000 square meters for the bedroom, guest residences and pool, a grand spread to allow unobtrusive peace and quiet in the midst of the flourishing vegetation. A spot-on getaway, this accommodation comes with a private cook, a chauffeur and a nanny. It also comes with the finest champagne, horse riding and a relaxing massage, a complimentary gift included in the price. A true exclusivity, this suite requires an official invite to allow stay – atop the $40,000 price tag.

Bedroom – The Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation

Sky Villa – $40,000/Night – Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

Fitting up to 12 guests, this jewel in the crown stands at number five of our list. The suite offers extraordinary amenities such as a 24 hour butler service, terrace views, private glass elevator and eleven plasma and LCD TV’s that cover the contemporary design of the rooms. If this doesn’t rock your boat, the 9000 square feet villa comes with a glass enclosed pool, fit for 12 people, that stretches out from the balcony delivering incredible views of the Strip. A dry sauna suitable for 8 people, a massage room or have a party in the media room.

Las Vegas

Pool – Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort

Royal Villa – $45,000/Night – Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens

A true grandeur in the name of hotel suites, this one takes the prime position for all the ease and comfort that is on offer. The villa promises a quality, secluded holiday home with two master bedrooms with a fireplace in each and a grand marbled bathroom. The villa comes with a butler’s quarters, delivering first-rate service at your convenience and a private wooden terrace and garden with barbeque facilities. Best known for its contemporary design and artwork that scatter the walls, the villa also comes with a kitchen area and gym with a personal trainer. Enjoy the sunset on the stunning coastline of the Aegan Sea, whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly in your very own heated pool.

Royal Villa – Grand Resort Lagonissi

Ty Warner Penthouse Suite – $45,000/Night – Four Seasons, New York

Offering a 360 degree view of the world’s infamous skyline, the Four Sean’s Penthouse suite soars 800 feet above the street, offering you a one-of-a-kind city and garden views. It boasts remarkable luxury, and definitely so, the suite has 7 years and 50 million USD invested into it. State of the art paintings and sculptures, semi-precious stones like Onyx and Diamond skylights add to the top class luxury of the suite. Every detail from calf-skin leather walls in the dressing room to 24-carat gold threaded bedding; this suite rightly exemplifies the most luxurious stay possible.

Four Seasons, New York

Dining Area – Ty Warner Penthouse Suite

Four Seasons, New York

Master Bathroom – Ty Warner Penthouse

Presidential Suite – $51,800/Night – Grand Hyatt Martinez, Cannes

Possibly one of the oldest, most luxurious hotels in the list, the Grand Hyatt Martinez was built in 1729. Located on Boulevard de la Croisette overlooking the clear blue waters of the Bay of Cannes, the Presidential Suite ensures every ounce of luxury is met. The Suite has four bedrooms, two lounge and dining rooms, two studies, two saunas and four bathrooms, each containing its own hydrotherapy bath and Turkish bath/shower. With original lithographs from Picasso, Duffy and Matisse, the suite is also recognized for its architectural beauty alongside the extravagant elements. 

Grand Hyatt Martinez, Cannes

Living Room – Presidential Suite

Shahi Mahal Suite – $60,000/Night – Raj Palace, Jaipur

Known for its history and lineage of Kings and Queens, a suite completely drenched in gold, this one is sure to fit your fantasies. If six bedrooms, a library, a theatre, an astrology room and a private kitchen with staff are not enough, the hotel is being renovated to fit a three-sided infinity pool and 24,000 square footed terrace gardens.

Raj Palace, Jaipur

Living Room – Shahi Mahal Suite

Royal Penthouse Suite, $83,200/Night – Hotel President, Wilson

The most expensive and the largest suite in the world, the Royal Penthouse suite is said to leave nothing to be desired. Located on the top floor, it comes with 12 bedrooms and bathrooms, a private gym, a Steinway grand piano and a pool table. Lavish in every way possible, a 1,200 square meter private terrace, offering panoramic views of the most desirable snow-caped mountains the Swiss Alps and the pristine clear waters of Lake Geneva, you might as well think this is suite heaven. The hotel also offers a complimentary butler, chef and personal assistant. It also offers optimal security with its own private elevator and bulletproof glass.

Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President

Jacuzzi – Royal Penthouse Suite

Living Room – Royal Penthouse Suite