Eminem Net Worth

Net Worth

$160 Million

  • DOB: 17 October 1972
  • Place of Birth: Missouri, US
  • Profession: Rapper, Actor, Songwriter, Producer
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • When he was a boy he was beaten by a bully so badly that he was in a coma for a week. His mother even sued the school but the charges were dropped.
  • After lyrics about wanting to see the president dead (George Bush), the Secret Service put him on their radar.
  • His dream before becoming a rapper, was being a comic book artist.
  • His grandmother was married five times!
  • Eminem is the founder of the The Marshall Mathers Foundation that helps disadvantaged kids.
  • His mother, Debbie sued him for $10 million over his alleged slander in one of his songs. The Slim Shady LP is the name of the record and Debbie surprisingly won in court. She received about $1,600 in damages in back 2001.
  • He cuts his own hair.
  • Eminem used to spend hours at night studying the dictionary so that he could expand his vocabulary for his rhymes.