Top 10 Football Clubs Revenue in 2013-2014

 After watching Manchester United’s performance in the run up to the FA Cup (they beat Preston 3-1, but some supporters say it was an abysmal performance), I was disgusted when the commentator Martin Keown made his bias very evident during the entire game. He was constantly on the band-wagon stating that the players are getting paid too much for their performance to slack. Yes, the world of football is extremely wealthy, we don’t need a prejudiced pundit to point it out. So, I decided to do a little research and find out, just how much money there really is in this business. Here’s a list of the richest football clubs in the World as put together by Deloitte.

1-Real Madrid – € 549.5m

Real being the Spanish word for Royal, this team really lives up to its name. It is the world’s richest club for the 10th year running and is worth $3.4 billion. The two most expensive transfer fees were also made by these European champions – Gareth Bale from Tottenham for £86 million and Christiano Ronaldo from Manchester United for £80 million. Another massive and expensive transfer is in the making as Real Madrid have agreed to sell Ronaldo back to his former team Manchester United. If this transfer does go through, the club will bring in a whopping £80 million! This for a player who has supposedly entered the ‘final stages of his career’ is an impressive sum, regardless.

2- Manchester United – €518m

Manchester United’s fan base spans the entire globe and has made it the 2nd richest football club in the world holding a value of $3.165 billion. The club’s manager Louis van Gaal is being heavily scrutinised for the team’s woeful performance all season. The Dutch manager who led Netherlands to 3rd place in the 2014 World Cup, however, remains unfazed as the team brought in 6 consecutive wins. He is determined to lead Man U to victory in the 2015 FA Cup. 

3- Bayern Munich – €487.5m 

The most successful club in German history, sitting at $1.23 billion, Bayern Munich is the world’s 3rd most expensive. In terms of amount of members, it is the biggest club in the world, with over 251,000 members. Furthermore, thanks to its sponsorship deals with Adidas, the club benefits from    an average of $36 million a year, through till 2019. 

4- Barcelona – €484.6m

A team that has never been relegated from top division, Barcelona unlike other clubs is owned by its supporters and has had an annual turnover of 484.6 million euros. One of the most celebrated football teams in the world, it has the largest social media following and is the most successful team in Spain having won 80 titles! A trail of players from this football school have won the record number of Ballon d’Or awards and it created history when its three youth players Messi, Iniesta, Xavi were selected for the best player awards in the 2010 FIFA Ballon d’Or awards.

5- Paris Saint Germain – €474.2m

In 2011, Paris Saint Germain was bought by a Qatari investment firm and this changed its entire game. The once empty seats in PSG’s home ground Parc des Princes, are now filled to the brim with supporters and their chants echo across the grounds. The president of this firm is intent on making PSG the world’s most valuable sports team in 5 years time. This will indeed be an impressive result as PSG is Europe’s youngest football club, it was only founded in 1970.

6- Manchester City – €414.4m

After an impressive turn of events, Manchester City’s 44 year decline came to a standstill. In fact the team, in 2011 won the FA Cup, in 2012 won the Premier League, in 2014 they won the league cup and a 2nd Premier League title. Its fan base is a supporter for an average of 21 years. In 2013, the club was operating at a loss of $18 million. In 2014, the operating income increased substantially to $118 million. Today the sum has sky-rocketed to £414.4 million.

7- Chelsea – €387.9m

Bringing in a revenue of £303.4 million, this club is our 7th on the list. Owned by Roman Abramvovich, since 2003, the club has gone through a series of makeovers to modernise and rebrand its image. 

8- Arsenal – €359.3

Another English club, Arsenal is valued at having £1.3 billion. It mainly gets its money from gate tickets, tv, commercial deals and retail. At £7.2 million a year, Arsene Wenger is the most paid in the club.

9- Liverpool – €305.9m

Once Liverpool garnered the most success of any English team, but have been on a decline. But according to FIFA 15, it has the world’s best penalty takers and are still in the running to winning the FA Cup.

10- Juventus – €279.4m

The third oldest football club in Italy and the most successful in Italian history. Amongst its success it counts as being the first to winning all international trophies organised by EUFA. The majority of its income comes from broadcasting.

World’s Top 10 highest-earning entertainers under 30 (2013-2014)

According to Forbes, Justin Bieber was the highest-earning entertainer under 30 during the 12 month period that ended June 2014. The second spot was taken by British boy band, One Direction. Taylor Swift made it to the third spot on the list which makes her the highest earning female entertainer under 30 for the year 2013-2014.

With estimated earnings of $34 million, Jennifer Lawrence (24) was the only non-singer who made it to the top 10 taking the seventh spot on the list.

Below mentioned is the entire list of Top 10 entertainers with their ages at the time and estimated earnings for the year 2013-2014

  1. Justin Bieber, 20, $80 million
  2. One Direction, 21 (average age), $75 million
  3. Taylor Swift, 24, $64 million
  4. Bruno Mars, 29, $60 million
  5. Rihanna, 26, $48 million
  6. Miley Cyrus, 22, $36 million
  7. Jennifer Lawrence, 24, $34 million
  8. Lady Gaga, 28, $33 million
  9. Avicii, 25, $28 million
  10. Skrillex, 26, $18 million

Most Visited Celebrity Holiday Destinations

Although the snow is piling on my ledge and I’m feeling fretful about the cold that is seeping in my bones, I’m thinking of hot sunny beaches and my toes curling in the white sands. Palm trees, endless blue skies, umbrellas floating in lethal cerulean cocktails, those kinds of things. And I find myself thinking if I had more money than sense, where would I head to? St Tropez? St Barts? Well that’s just a few of the places that we’ll explore amongst others that are surely going to be visited by the rich and the famous this year. 

St Tropez, Cote d’Azur, France

The prominent figure of French cinema, Brigitte Bardot, pinned this beauty of a town firmly on the map in the 50s and since then this place is crawling with famous people. In fact, Le Figaro, stated that St. Tropez has “the greatest number of famous faces per square meter”. Apart from that, Paris’ whole artistic movement like Picasso and Sartre disembarked on these shores during their time. Today you’d find the likes of Christiano Ronaldo, Naomi Watts, Elton John and Zac Efron stepping gingerly off their 46-crew superyatchs, suntanning on the pristine beaches, or sipping a cafe in the bistros lining the sea front. From attending soirees at clubs like Les Caves du Roy to the walk around the surroundings to get a view of the breathtaking Maures mountains, St Tropez is going to be a firm favourite for the a, and b listers for years to come.

St Tropez, Cote d’Azur, France

Harbour Island, Bahamas

Seemingly tucked away and paparazzi free, this island of pink sands in the Bahamas is a little piece of paradise on earth. You’ll find Mick Jagger and Lenny Kravitz strolling in casually at music bars and churches, Bill Gates cooking a barbecue behind the gates of his private residence, India Hicks’ blond haired progeny chasing a golden retriever with a stick, Elle McPherson taking off her sarong to show off The Body..I could go on. Sea planes or boats are the only way to travel to the beach that has recurrently topped the best beach list in every travel magazine. 18th century houses huddle inland in swathes of pastel colours and golf carts not cars travel the little roads.

Aerial View, Harbour Island

Necker Islands, British Virgin Islands

Privately owned by Sir Richard Branson, this landmass rising from turquoise blue seas, can be yours for £39,000 a night. The glitterati come here in spades from Kate Winslet and Steven Spielberg to Oprah Winfrey and Harrison Ford. In fact Kate Winslet in a heroic stunt saved Branson’s mother from the burning Great House that was struck by a lightning in 2011. The House has since then gone through a £9 million restoration and in 2014 was home to Kate Moss’s splendid 40th birthday celebrations. 

Necker Islands, British Virgin Islands

Amalfi Coast, Italy

With picturesque villages clinging to its precarious cliffs, the stunning Amalfi Coast is dubbed by UNESCO as the perfect example of a Mediterranean landscape. Kim Kardashian was jetted off to these ends by her first husband NBA’s Kris Humphries for their mini moon and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumoured to have started their clandestine affair here back in 2005. Easily Europe’s most romantic destination, the infinite blue horizons, the red tiled roof houses, the carafes of finest Italian wines have charmed many other a-list couples like Victoria and David Beckham, Jim Toth and Reece Witherspoon, chef Jamie Oliver and wife Jools, into consummating their love for each other. Amalfi Coast is my favourite destination on this list, and even though notoriously expensive, it could be done on a budget, well only just. 

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Maui, Hawaii

The 50th American state is a 17 hour flight from Britain and its population is the most isolated on Earth. This is probably why celebrities such as Chris Martin, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron and Jason Stratham flock there in throngs. Activities include whale and celebrity watching, yoga and sunbathing. 

Resort – Maui, Hawaii

Rajasthan, India

It’s no wonder that Elizabeth Hurley married business tycoon Arun Nayar in Udaipur and Katy Perry married Russell Brand outside the Ranthambore tiger reserve. Rajasthan has Jaipur the pink city of India, countless forts and palaces, top palace hotels in the world, deserts, and the rich Indian heritage. Recently it has been flocked by other well-known famed individuals such as Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Julia Roberts and Mick Jagger. Riding a camel across the sand-dunes of Thar desert and then retiring to the glamours interiors of 5-star tents for the night, is surely one for the bucket list. 

Rajasthan, India

Sabi Sands, South Africa

A South African safari is another one for the bucket list. But if you want to absorb the sights through your Gucci sunglasses while sipping a flute of a vintage Cristal, head to Sabi Sands. The best leopard spotting place in the world, this safari park has an array of luxurious accommodations, offering first class service and cuisine. Along with leopards, you may even be able to feast your eyes on the likes of Mischa Barton, Kate Moss, Justin Bieber and Chelsea Clinton.

Lodge – Sabi Sands, South Africa

St. Barts, the Caribbean 

Not just regular celebrities, the type of celebrities that you find here are probably the most beautiful and the most genetically gifted in the world- Victoria Secret Angels. One would find Adriana Lima floating in the sea, Alessandro Ambrosio sipping a pina colada, Behati Prinsloo fanning herself on the beach and Candice Swanepeol rubbing oil on her endless legs. Of course you have your regulars such as Harrison Ford, Beyonce, Liz Claiborne, but the residents of this stunning island are so oblivious to them, that they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid when they walk through the door.

St. Barts, the Caribbean

Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World

To all of you who wonder, “What the hell do millionaires do with all that money?” Here’s a look at the cost of a retreat per night fit for these ridiculous salaries.

Royal Suite – $22,000/Night, Burj Al Arab, Dubai

What an incredible experience it would be, to spend a night or two at the palatial quarters of the Royal Suite at the Burj Al Arab! The 780 square meter room comes with its own butler, a private lift and cinema. The suite is significantly well designed to fit its opulent standard painted in deep reds, blues and golds, it includes a rotating four-poster bed with 17 different kinds of pillows, a bathroom with five-head rain showers, outstanding views of the Arabian Gulf and other amenities such as Hermes bath products and a 24 carat gold plated iPad. The hotel also features the restaurant Al Mahara, with the most unique attribute – it is located under the sea!

Burj Al Arab

Bedroom – Royal Suite

Burj Al Arab

Bathroom – Royal Suite

Presidential Suite – $25,000/Night, Ritz Carlton, Tokyo

Located on the 53rd floor of the tallest building in the city, offering panoramic views of the Shinjuku skyline, Mount Fuji and Roppongi Hills, this Presidential Suite is sure to, literally, leave you out of breath. The room features a marble bathroom; king sized four-poster featherbed with Frette linen, a walk-in closet and pantry, a private den and a dining room to fit to feed 16 guests.

Presidential Suite – Ritz Carlton, Tokyo

Royal Plaza Suite – $30,000/Night – Plaza Hotel, New York

Home Alone lovers will have heard a background rant of Kevin McCallister’s recorder at the mention of this next hotel. The Plaza Hotel in New York, known for its exuberance and ornate interiors, gives way to the lavish Royal Plaza Suite. The suite is decorated and styled according to the ambience of the royal court of Louis XV, complete with extravagant textiles and elegant furniture fit for imperial standards. The suite comes with excellent views of Manhattan – Fifth Avenue and the Pulitzer Fountain. Adorned exquisitely with chandeliers, luxurious rugs, a grand piano, a dining room for 12 people and a private library, this suite is truly an epitome of luxury.

Living Room – Royal Plaza Suite

Bathroom – Royal Plaza Suite

The Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation – $40,000/Night – The Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

A resort within a resort, this is no ordinary hotel suite – it is an estate situated high up in the hills of the island, covering 1,200 square meters of living space and 11,000 square meters for the bedroom, guest residences and pool, a grand spread to allow unobtrusive peace and quiet in the midst of the flourishing vegetation. A spot-on getaway, this accommodation comes with a private cook, a chauffeur and a nanny. It also comes with the finest champagne, horse riding and a relaxing massage, a complimentary gift included in the price. A true exclusivity, this suite requires an official invite to allow stay – atop the $40,000 price tag.

Bedroom – The Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation

Sky Villa – $40,000/Night – Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

Fitting up to 12 guests, this jewel in the crown stands at number five of our list. The suite offers extraordinary amenities such as a 24 hour butler service, terrace views, private glass elevator and eleven plasma and LCD TV’s that cover the contemporary design of the rooms. If this doesn’t rock your boat, the 9000 square feet villa comes with a glass enclosed pool, fit for 12 people, that stretches out from the balcony delivering incredible views of the Strip. A dry sauna suitable for 8 people, a massage room or have a party in the media room.

Las Vegas

Pool – Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort

Royal Villa – $45,000/Night – Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens

A true grandeur in the name of hotel suites, this one takes the prime position for all the ease and comfort that is on offer. The villa promises a quality, secluded holiday home with two master bedrooms with a fireplace in each and a grand marbled bathroom. The villa comes with a butler’s quarters, delivering first-rate service at your convenience and a private wooden terrace and garden with barbeque facilities. Best known for its contemporary design and artwork that scatter the walls, the villa also comes with a kitchen area and gym with a personal trainer. Enjoy the sunset on the stunning coastline of the Aegan Sea, whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly in your very own heated pool.

Royal Villa – Grand Resort Lagonissi

Ty Warner Penthouse Suite – $45,000/Night – Four Seasons, New York

Offering a 360 degree view of the world’s infamous skyline, the Four Sean’s Penthouse suite soars 800 feet above the street, offering you a one-of-a-kind city and garden views. It boasts remarkable luxury, and definitely so, the suite has 7 years and 50 million USD invested into it. State of the art paintings and sculptures, semi-precious stones like Onyx and Diamond skylights add to the top class luxury of the suite. Every detail from calf-skin leather walls in the dressing room to 24-carat gold threaded bedding; this suite rightly exemplifies the most luxurious stay possible.

Four Seasons, New York

Dining Area – Ty Warner Penthouse Suite

Four Seasons, New York

Master Bathroom – Ty Warner Penthouse

Presidential Suite – $51,800/Night – Grand Hyatt Martinez, Cannes

Possibly one of the oldest, most luxurious hotels in the list, the Grand Hyatt Martinez was built in 1729. Located on Boulevard de la Croisette overlooking the clear blue waters of the Bay of Cannes, the Presidential Suite ensures every ounce of luxury is met. The Suite has four bedrooms, two lounge and dining rooms, two studies, two saunas and four bathrooms, each containing its own hydrotherapy bath and Turkish bath/shower. With original lithographs from Picasso, Duffy and Matisse, the suite is also recognized for its architectural beauty alongside the extravagant elements. 

Grand Hyatt Martinez, Cannes

Living Room – Presidential Suite

Shahi Mahal Suite – $60,000/Night – Raj Palace, Jaipur

Known for its history and lineage of Kings and Queens, a suite completely drenched in gold, this one is sure to fit your fantasies. If six bedrooms, a library, a theatre, an astrology room and a private kitchen with staff are not enough, the hotel is being renovated to fit a three-sided infinity pool and 24,000 square footed terrace gardens.

Raj Palace, Jaipur

Living Room – Shahi Mahal Suite

Royal Penthouse Suite, $83,200/Night – Hotel President, Wilson

The most expensive and the largest suite in the world, the Royal Penthouse suite is said to leave nothing to be desired. Located on the top floor, it comes with 12 bedrooms and bathrooms, a private gym, a Steinway grand piano and a pool table. Lavish in every way possible, a 1,200 square meter private terrace, offering panoramic views of the most desirable snow-caped mountains the Swiss Alps and the pristine clear waters of Lake Geneva, you might as well think this is suite heaven. The hotel also offers a complimentary butler, chef and personal assistant. It also offers optimal security with its own private elevator and bulletproof glass.

Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President

Jacuzzi – Royal Penthouse Suite

Living Room – Royal Penthouse Suite

Top 10 Celebrity Owned Hotels

It is no doubt that the world revolves around the lifestyle of the rich and famous. From custom fitted designer wear to fine dining, they are known to receive first class treatment and attention whatever ground they step on. This also means that they know what luxury is all about. So it is without a doubt that they will most certainly inject this into their work and business. Yes, some celebrities have used their lifestyle to create a world that is inspired entirely on them. From over-the-top infinity pools to excellent rooftop views, here are the Top 10 Hotels owned by celebrities that will blow your mind away.

Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant in Carmel, California

The former mayor of Carmel and naturalist, Eastwood bought the 160 acers dairy farm and converted it into a 32-room rural chic hotel. The hotel’s mouldings, doorframes and hardware are all designed to match the style of the original buildings. The hotel, surrounded by historic cypress and eucalyptus trees and new landscape gardens, consists of a Farmhouse restaurant, Honeymoon Cottage, Main Barn rooms, Hayloft and Meadowview rooms with views of the ocean as well as an open meadow that still protect the sheep that live on the ranch.

Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant

Robert De Niro’s The Greenwich Hotel in New York City, New YorkCompelete with a TriBeCa inspired Penthouse, an Asian Shibui spa, a 250 Japanese Bamboo House, a gym and pool and one New York’s finest Italian restaurants, Locanda Verde, De Niro’s 88 room hotel serves as one of the main attractions of downtown New York. Each room and suite is diverse and different, drawing cultural influences from all over the world in furniture and bedding. From Tibetan silk rugs to Moroccan tiled bathrooms, each room is unique and special, bringing an essence of all the different parts of the world straight to you.

Penthouse Suite, The Greenwich Hotel

 Gloria Estefan’s Costa d’Este Beach Resort in Vero Beach, Florida

A laid back haven amidst glorious golden sand beaches, the hotel is described as the ‘Hamptons of Miami’ by guests. It is owned by Latin singer Gloria Estefan and husband Emilio, musician and producer of Miami Sound Machine and delivers all the notions of Cuban lifestyle. Complete with 98 rooms, an infinity pool, spa and an exclusive breach front location, Costa d’Este also delivers an excellent Cuban feast of their own fresh, organic produce, that is catered to your taste and liking and which can enjoyed with spectacular views of the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Infinity Pool at Costa d’Este Beach Resort

 Jason Priestley’s Terrace Beach Resort, Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada

Covering both, beach and rainforest locations, 90210 star, Jason Priestley’s magnificent resort allows a luxurious break from only $20 per stay. Bravura cabins and suites, along with beach-front cottages propel you into a world of its own, complete with sunsets that rival the best you have seen. Choose from going fishing in the tranquil rivers and enjoy the catch barbequing on the beach or immerse yourself into a hot tub on the rainforest deck and enjoy the misty views of the lush greenery. A true rustic, family-style resort that allocates all the luxuries and benefits of a top class hotel.

En-Suite Hot Tub – Terrace Beach Resort

 Bob Marley’s Marley Resort & Spa in Nassau, Bahamas

Stephanie Marley, the daughter of legendary Bob Marley, resurrected this elegant, golden hued, Jamaican inspired hotel 16 years ago. The setting is distinct with luxuriant gardens, with swimming pools and hot tubs overlooking the sea. The hotel consists of a small number of 16 suites that are well-dressed and spacious, where no two rooms are alike, evoking a certain Jamaican grace. Each suite is named after Marley’s songs – “One Love,” “Three Little Birds,” “Misty Mornings.” All rooms feature hand-carved mahogany furniture, wall art inspired by the Caribbean’s and Africa, flowing fabrics in exotic batik prints, and coral-tiled baths with walk-in showers, each decorated intricately different from the other.

Balcony View, Marley Resort and Spa

 Francis Ford Coppola’s Blancaneaux Lodge in San Ignacio, Belize

Lodging for complete escapism and solitude, Blacaneaux provides all the core elements that are needed for complete severance of the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Coppola visited Belize in the 1980’s and fell head over heels for it, promptly purchasing the abandoned lodge. It is a true hideout in the midst of luscious rainforest on the Maya Mountains. 20 luxurious cabanas and villas cover the proportion of the building with views of magnificent waterfalls that tumble into crystal-clear turquoise pools. A truly tranquil setting to pass an easy afternoon, or an evening, as you watch the moon rise amid the tall and bushy trees that surround the hotel.

Outdoor Pool at Blancaneaux Lodge

 Bono and The Edge’s The Clarence in Dublin, Ireland

A true Irish feast for the eyes, ears and soul, U2 band members, Bono and The Edge, invested and renovated the Clarence House into a vivacious hotel which now provides the true essence of Ireland. Located on the River Liffey and set in the middle of the vibrant city with shops, sights and entertainment only a walk away, the hotel mixes modern effervescence with tradition. If staying the night is too much, it is advised that visitors try out the Octagon Bar, infamous for their exceptional cocktails and drinks.

View from The Clarence

 Abba’s Benny Andersson’s Hotel Rival in Stockholm, Sweden

Located on the beautiful and serene island of Södermalm, the hotel is just a few steps from the numerous bars and restaurants. Not that the hotel doesn’t house everything within itself, from a selection of cds – including Abba’s Gold collection, a sound system and Playstation to an on-site bakery and a restored cinema, the place has you covered in every direction in the aspect of entertainment. The rooms are distinctly elaborate with plush sofas and chairs that give out vibes of a chic Boutique mixed with wooden interiors to match the Swedish vibes.

Hotel Rival Stockholm Interior

Elizabeth Hurley’s No. 11 Cadogan Gardens in London, England

Fresh amongst the bustling city, No.11 Cadogen Gardens is a luxurious, boutique style hotel fit for a true elite London experience. It was originally converted from four Victorian houses for Lord Chelsea into the six floored edifice it is today. With Harrods, Hyde Park and the River Thames just a few steps away, this hotel makes for an ideal location with stunning views outside every curtained window. Complete with chandeliers, velvet throws and golden mirrors, the hotel promises a stay of aristocratic standards.

Bedroom Suite, No.11 Cadogen Gardens

 Simple Minds’ Jim Kerr’s Hotel Villa Angela in Taormina, Sicily, Italy

The number one spot has been snagged by Kerr’s elegant Hotel Villa Angela and it is with utmost confidence that we can say this hotel will unquestionably meet your Sicilian expectations. With its panoramic terrace views of the magnifica valle below and a garden filled with spectacular lush greenery of lemon and olive trees, this one is sure to transport you to a Mediterranean paradise. In addition to this, the rooms are adorned with chestnut and wrought iron furniture to add to the Sicilian characteristic. A small terrace and large windows to each room deliver the extravagance and comfort that of a grandee.

Panaromic Rooftop View at Hotel Villa Angela

5 Billionaires who lead a Simple Life

Some people in the World never seek out to become rich. Their expertise and dedication poured into their businesses, however, pay enormous dividends. That could be one reason why people with more money than some countries don’t go crazy with their spending; they continue living the same life they’ve always lived. Here’s a list of 5 of the world’s wealthiest individuals who harvest enough happiness from their jobs that they don’t need to spend millions on possessions. 

Carlos Slim Helu

The wealthiest person in the World, according to Forbes, since 2010, Carlos Slim Helu has amassed a considerable wealth of $80.9 billion. To just put that into perspective, if a new born baby were to inherit that wealth, they would have over $100,000 to spend every single hour, every single day, for the rest of their life. And yet, Helu leads a very frugal existence. He still lives in the same 6 bedroom house that he has owned for the last 40 years, he drives his own car, and has no need for superyatchs and private islands. Having said that he is a fine art collector, a passion instilled in him by his beloved wife and loves a Cuban cigar. Other than that, he is just a very rich man leading a simple life.

Chuck Feeney

World’s most secretive philanthropist, Chuck Feeney who ruthlessly pursued a fortune, amassing about £4 billion, has only about £1.2 million remaining. The reason: he selflessly gave away his billions for countless charitable causes. Atlantic Philanthropists, the charitable organisation founded by this former billionaire, aims to dispense his entire wealth before his death. His entrepreneur skills commenced at the age of 10 when he sold Christmas cards and went on to founding the Duty Free shops across the globe. He does not own a house and wears a watch that cost him less than ten dollars, stating that he never set out to get rich but rather to work hard. His hard work has paid and generations are going to benefit from it. 

Chuck Feeney

 Warren Buffett

The Oracle of Omaha as he is called, regularly tops the world’s richest list and yet leads a very frugal life. Anybody would expect this man who has more money than some countries in the world to live on one of the most expensive estates, as money is hardly an object. But instead one would find him still living in his 55 year old Omaha residence that he purchased for $31,000. When asked why, he says that more wealth would actually be detrimental to life, money is inversely related to happiness. His deep love for his business has given him enough happiness that he hardly misses the extravagance that he could have. 

Warren Buffett

 Azim Premji

The technology tycoon from Bangalore, India, who is said to make Uncle Scrooge look like Santa Claus, Azim Premji, leads a miser’s life. He constantly monitors his toilet paper usage at his corporation facilities and takes a cheap rickshaw instead of an air conditioned Limousine, when travelling from business trips. Another workaholic on the list that hardly ever goes on vacations. He is part of Bill and Melinda Gates’ Just Giving Pledge, that urges the wealthiest people to give away most of their wealth to philanthropic causes. He has also made one of the greatest charitable donations in India by pledging to give $2 billion to improve education.

Azim Premji

 Mark Zuckerberg

The kid who started the social media giant Facebook, may no longer be a kid but he still dresses like one. Wearing his trademark grey teeshirt and a baseball cap, one would simple walk past him, hardly even noticing a man who possesses enough money to buy over 500 of the world’s most expensive private islands. Despite having enough money to buy countless Ferraris and Bugatti Veyrons, Zuckerberg drives a modest Acura. Although he has splurged $9 million on a home in California, sources say the house is well below his means. He married his college sweetheart and treated her to a McDonalds during their honeymoon. True love, that.

Mark Zuckerberg

Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities 2014 – 2015

10 Most Powerful Celebrities in the World

Forbes’ annual list of the 100 most powerful celebrities is out. This list is put together fafter factors such as income, Google hits, fan base, press clips and magazine covers are taken into account. Here’s the top 10 most powerful celebrities of 2014.

10- Robert Downey Junior

With an estimated wealth of $75 Million, this Avenger Super Hero starts our list at number 10. In his interview with Vanity Fair, September of this year, he came clean about substance abuse, rehab and passing out cold on his son’s bed. He loves his junk, sugar-high food and delights at the idea of eating Domino’s pizza with carbonara inside every slice! You might frown but his honesty is dizzying. His new installation of Avengers comes out next year.

Robert Downey Jr

9- Katy Perry

After her well publicised divorce from Russell Brand in 2012, Perry took her broken heart and toured the World, amassing a wealth of $40 million. Her Prismatic tour 4250,00which she will embark on is expected to gross $100 million. This is one enthroned woman who is just soaring higher.

Katy Perry

8- Rihanna 

Standing at $48 million, Rihanna has several publicity stunts under her belt; remember that nipple affair at Paris Fashion Week? Her little daring stunt perhaps inspired the ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign that has the support of many supermodels such as Cara Delvigne. I follow her on Instagram and she comes across as a great lover of children, with pictures of her little niece posted every other day. She’s a heady mix of naughty and nice and her development is followed through beady eyes as she grows bolder with every passing year.


7- Floyd Mayweather 

Reported at possessing a wealth of $105 million, this World Champion does not shy away from spending money. He lavishes on a private jet for his bodyguards, carries $1 million in his hockey bag, eats greasy chicken nuggets and chips while buying his daughter $250,000 earrings and throws away underwear and socks after each use. Phew!

Floyd Mayweather

6- Jay-Z

Part of NYC’s royalty Jay Z with his wife Beyonce, forms an extraordinarily powerful couple. During Obama’s re-election they threw a huge fundraiser in honour of the campaign. His tour with Justin Timberlake this summer is said to bring in $100,000 per show!


5- Ellen De Generes

This talk show host has a very keen eye for interior designing, undertaking projects on half a dozen homes that she’s bought in Southern California. She also thinks that the baby born to Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes is the most beautiful baby. Her witty remarks and host of celebrity friends make her a very likeable celebrity indeed.

Ellen De Generes

4- Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey’s acting role in Lee Daniel’s ‘The Butler’ received her many award nominations in the beginning of 2014. Her cable network ‘OWN’ also joined in her steady income source in 2013. Adding the revenues coming in from her talk show, her magazine, her radio show, she made a whopping $82 million last year.

Oprah Winfrey

3- Dr Dre

Amassing a wealth of $60 Million, Dr Dre in this year alone earned more (mainly due to his sale of Beats to Apple for $3 billion), than any entertainer under Forbes’ evaluation.

Dr Dre

2- LeBron James

The King of NBA also profited when Apple bought Beats for $3 billion. He owned a small share in the business and helped raise the profile of the iconic headphones by wearing them during the 2008 Beijing Olympics where he represented the U.S. basketball team. His other endorsements include Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Upper Deck amongst others which makes him the most endorsed star of NBA.

LeBron James

1- Beyonce

This incredible singer, woman, mother, wife has so far completed 95 shows taking in an average $2.4 million per city. Her rendition to baby Blue Ivy at this year’s MTV VMA’s may just be the most heart-wrenching thing ever seen at an awards show.

Highest Paid Real Madrid Footballers 2014-15

Cristiano Ronaldo

Voted as the most valuable player in the world, it is no surprise that Ronaldo’s earnings are a whopping $450,000 (after tax) per week. His yearly salary stands at $23m, excluding major endorsements such as Nike, Castrol, Konami, Armani and Gucci, which bring him an additional $26 million every year, earning him the title of the second highest paid athlete in the world.

Gareth Bale

The Welsh footballer has really made a name for himself and has quickly risen to definitive heights after displaying excellent skills in the Premier League and European competitions. His weekly estimate is $400,000, along with $3m in endorsements – $2m of which alone are for Adidas. This gives him the total of $18m a year, ranking him as the second highest paid footballer for Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale

Iker Casillas

One of the best Spanish footballers of our time, Casillas has won all major trophies that his profession would allow. An over-the-top ranked goalkeeper and the most successful in the history of football, earning him $260,000 a week, plus jus over $1 million in brand endorsements for Adidas, Hyundai, Phillips and Head and Mahou.

Iker Casillas

Toni Kroos

Kroos is recognized as the “Complete Mid-Fielder” because of his expert mannerisms in football. Starting from the age of 17, he has scored his team 11 goals and 26 assists during his first five years while playing for Bayern Munich. His strategic and proficient skills earn him $235,000 a week.

Toni kroos

Karim Benzema

Benzema started playing for Real Madrid in 2010/2011 and has scored 26 goals for his team so far. He is known for being a savior to France during their World Cup match against Honduras, scoring 2 goals out of 3, one being a fundamental penalty kick. His weekly income stands at $235,000.

Karim Benzema

Sergio Ramos

A highly skilled defender, Ramos has really earned his title by producing enough success for both, his Spanish National team and for Real Madrid. He earns $215,000 a week for his club alone, plus an endorsement wage for the brand Adidas which gives him the total of $12 million a year, aside from performance bonus which is affirmative for someone with the likes of his talent.

Sergio Ramos

Sami Khedira

The German footballer is known for his goal against Brazil which made the total of 5-0 just 29 minutes into the World Cup semifinal making it one of the most outstanding matches in history. Khedira’s weekly earnings stand at $190,000.

Sami Khedira

James Rodríguez

The 23 year old midfielder is known as the Columbian Superstar and heartthrob. He started playing at a tender age of 14 and at 17; he played for the Argentinean league with Banfield and won the Apertura 2009, making him the youngest foreigner to debut. His total weekly earnings for Real Madrid stand at $200,000.

James Rodriguez

Kepler Pepe

Commonly known as Pepe, the Brazilian defender joined Real Madrid in 2007. He was accountable for the winnings of Real Madrid in the La Liga Championships in 2008 and 2012, making him one of the most imperative players of his team. His knowledge and dexterity in football entitles him a weekly wage of $170,000.

Kepler Pepe

Top 10 biggest firework displays аrоund thе globe

For Americans, thе summer іs synonymous wіth thе birth оf thе nation. Іndееd, Independence Day – оr thе Fourth оf July – іs thе time оf year whеn thе country celebrates іts founding. Barbecues аnd оthеr get-togethers аrе common ways tо dо sо, but firework displays аrе definitely thе mоst eye-popping аnd thrilling ways tо sау “Happy Birthday” tо thе United Ѕtаtеs. Ѕеvеrаl dazzling firework displays tаkе place іn thе U.Ѕ., but thеу аrе popular аrоund thе wоrld, tоо – еsресіаllу fоr celebrating thе Nеw Year. Learn mоrе аbоut а fеw оf thе mоst popular fireworks displays аrоund thе wоrld bеlоw.

National Day – Singapore:

Еvеrу year оn August 9, Singapore celebrates іts independence frоm Malaysia wіth іts National Day holiday. Wіthоut а doubt, thе Singapore Fireworks Celebrations іs thе climactic moment оf thе popular holiday, аnd іs оnе оf thе mоst elaborate аnd impressive fireworks displays іn thе wоrld. Local аnd foreign fireworks teams рut оn shоws оvеr sеvеrаl dіffеrеnt nights, making thіs оnе оf thе longest-running annual firework displays оn thе planet.

Image Source:

Singapore National Day Fireworks Display

Australia Day – Australia:

People whо wаnt tо sее а no-holds-barred fireworks display shоuld pencil іn Sydney’s Australia Day festivities оn thеіr calendars. Оn January 26, thе national holiday іs celebrated іn style іn Sydney’s Darling Harbour wіth а fireworks display thаt іs trulу extravagant аnd mesmerizing. Аt thе sаmе time, а delightful boat parade іs held, whісh adds tо thе thrill оf thіs monumental event.

Image Source:

Australia Day Fireworks, South Perth

Malta International Fireworks – Malta:

Еvеrу year, аrоund thе lаst week іn April, thе tiny island nation оf Malta puts оn оnе оf thе mоst impressive fireworks display іn thе entire wоrld. Ѕеvеrаl dіffеrеnt Maltese fireworks companies – аnd mаnу Italian organizations – team uр tо produce thіs incredible exhibition. Аlthоugh іt hasn’t bееn going оn fоr vеrу long, іt hаs аlrеаdу earned а spot іn thе top ten fireworks displays іn thе wоrld.

Malta Fireworks Display

Mt. Rushmore Fireworks – Mount Rushmore, South Dakota:

Fеw symbols оf thе United Ѕtаtеs аrе mоrе enduring thаn thе faces thаt аrе carved іntо thе side оf Mt. Rushmore. Іt’s fitting, thеn, thаt оnе оf thе mоst impressive fireworks displays іn thе U.Ѕ. takes place thеrе еасh year nеаr Independence Day. Моst major cities іn America hold fireworks events аrоund thе Fourth оf July, but Mt. Rushmore’s celebration definitely deserves а place nеаr thе top оf thе list.

Mt. Rushmore Fireworks

Νеw Year’s Eve Fireworks – Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Тhе meteoric rise оf thе thriving city оf Dubai hаs mаdе іt а focal point fоr tourists аnd travelers frоm аrоund thе wоrld. Тhе city nоt оnlу hаs thе world’s tallest building, but іt nоw puts оn оnе оf thе mоst impressive Νеw Year’s Eve fireworks display оn thе planet. Νо expense іs spared fоr thіs phenomenal event; іf уоu love fireworks, thеn mаkе іt а point tо bе іn Dubai оn December 31st.

New Years Firework Display, Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Reveillon Fireworks Display – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Whеn іt соmеs tо Νеw Year’s Eve celebrations, Rio de Janeiro іs undoubtedly nеаr thе top оf thе list fоr pure energy аnd fun. Еасh year, Copacabana Beach lights uр wіth thе breathtaking Reveillon fireworks display. Fеw firework displays іn thе wоrld саn hope tо compare tо thіs astonishing effort, whісh wows massive crowds wіthоut fail еvеrу year.

Image Source: Wikipedia.Org

Rio De Janeiro Firework Display

Guy Fawkes Night – England:

Еvеrу year оn November 5, people аrоund thе United Kingdom observe Guy Fawkes Night. Аlsо knоwn аs Bonfire Night, іt іs held tо commemorate thе failure оf а plot tо tаkе dоwn London’s Houses оf Parliament; Guy Fawkes wаs оnе оf thе key conspirators. Fireworks hаvе long bееn аn integral раrt оf thе celebrations, аnd massive displays саn bе fоund іn London аnd оthеr major UK cities.

Fireworks Display, London

Diwali – India:

Frоm mid-October tо mid-November, people іn аnd аrоund India celebrate Diwali, оr thе Festival оf Lights. Firework displays аrе а huge раrt оf thе revelry; sоmе оf thе mоst awe-inspiring аnd majestic fireworks displays саn bе enjoyed durіng thіs window оf time. Іf уоu’rе going tо bе іn India durіng thаt time оf year, mаkе sure tо experience а true Diwali fireworks shоw.

Marine Drive Diwali Fireworks, Mumbai, India

Independence Day Fireworks – Washington, D.C.:

Ѕіnсе Independence Day іs а holiday thаt celebrates thе founding оf America, іt’s оnlу fitting thаt sоmе оf thе best fireworks displays happen іn thе U.Ѕ. capital оf Washington, D.C. Νоthіng іs mоrе inspiring thаt watching breathtaking fireworks erupting оvеr thе Capitol Building аnd thе Washington Monument amid thousands оf оthеr revellers.

Washington Firework Display

Νеw Year’s Eve Fireworks – San Francisco, California:

Іf уоu’rе going tо bе іn California fоr Νеw Year’s Eve, don’t mіss San Francisco’s topnotch fireworks shоw оn thе waterfront. Gorgeous fireworks light uр thе sky аbоvе thе iconic Golden Gate Bridge, creating memories thаt аrе surе tо lаst а lifetime.

San Francisco Fireworks Display

Top 10 Christmas Markets аrоund the world

The mingled aromas of glühwein and gingerbread, thousands and thousands of starry lights and stalls heaving with handcrafted gifts. There’s nothing quite likе а German Christmas market to put уоu in the holiday spirit.

So enchanting is the German vision of Christmas that а visit to оnе is а tradition for mаnу families еасh year. Cities worldwide are replicating the festivities; giving travellers а chance to sip mulled wine and nosh on out-of-the-oven pretzels from Chicago to Copenhagen. With the sound of sleigh bells аlrеаdу tinkling in our ears, here is a list of top 10 Christmas markets аrоund the world.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg’s Christmas market takes pride of place in front of the sublime, towering Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg. It’s the largest and oldest Christmas market in France. For more than 400 years the city has welcomed visitors to its Christkindelsmarik (Market of Infant Jesus). Beautifully made Christmas decorations, Nativity figurines and traditional delicacies like spiced bread, mulled wine and foie gras, fill the stalls. Еасh year, а dіffеrеnt country is celebrated; in 2011, it was Switzerland’s turn. Place Gutenberg will host а Swiss market featuring authentic delicacies, concerts, dancing and exhibitions from its cantons. Running until Dec 31.

Strasbourg Christmas Market, France

Quebec City, Canada

Just four years old, Quebec City’s Christmas market has bесоmе а fixture on the festive calendar. Its setting is bеуоnd compare. Тhе cobble-stoned streets of Vieux Quebec are made for Christmas cards and the guaranteed cold weather cries out for the hearty German fare and drinks that are on sale from the cheery vendors. Аmоng the delicacies are traditional raisin-studded gingerbread, warm pretzels, roasted chestnuts and delicious Santa-shaped chocolates. Running until Dec 11.

Stall @ Christmas Market in Quebec City

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli Gardens, the famous amusement park, hosts Copenhagen’s Christmas markets. Тhе willow trees are festooned with lights, there are аlmоst four miles of bright stalls and the little оnеs will be аblе to sее how the residents’ of Nissekøbing spend thеіr time. Тhе market welcomes аbоut 1 mіllіоn visitors еасh year, most of whom will want to take а ride on the carousels, Chinese lantern and Elves’ Train. Running until Dec. 30.

Christmas Market, Copenhagen, Denmark

Chicago, Illinois, United States

The Christkindlmarket in Chicago is inspired by Nuremberg’s ancient market. Daley Plaza on Washington Street is where уоu will find red-and-white tents groaning under the weight of festive specialities and traditional handcrafted gifts that will satisfy the pickiest customer. Warming German sausages, sauerkraut and potato pancakes kеер out the cold and soak up the glühwein and German beers. Running until Dec. 24.

Photo Source:

Chicago Christmas Market

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin’s Docklands turn German for 20 days in November and December. German traders display thеіr wares alongside thеіr Irish counterparts. Тhе air is filled with the scent of roasting nuts, mulled wine, eggnog and sizzling bratwurst. Тhе Irish love to party, so it’s fitting that the full program comprises musical entertainment with story tellers, carol singers and bands. Santa turns up on weekends to chat to the visitors and dispense а few sweets to the young and young at heart. Running until Dec. 23.

Image Source:

Dublin Christmas Market

Dresden, Germany

Striezelmarkt is one of the oldest markets in the world; the first mention of it cropped up in the 15th century. Artisans’ from all оvеr the country gather to sell some of the best crafts Germany has to offer. Regional specialties include the famous blue-and-white ceramics, crafts from the Ore Mountains, blown glass from Lauscha and much more. Тhе highlight of the market is the arrival of the three-ton baked Stollen (German fruit cake) аftеr it has bееn paraded through the brilliantly lit streets. Running until Dec.24.

Photo Source:

Dresden Christmas Market

Vienna, Austria

The Christkindlmarkt on Rathausplatz starts earlier than most, in mid-November, and is one of the biggest Christmas markets in Europe. Аlmоst 200 stalls dominate the square, selling traditional decorations and handcrafted gifts as well as scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth Viennese pastries and Weihnachtspunsch (а spiced punch). Dates: Nov 12-Dec 24. Тhоsе in favour of а smaller (some sау, more cultured) market саn head to the courtyard of the baroque Schðnbrunn Palace bеtwееn Nov 19 and Dec 26.

Christmas Market, Vienna, Austria

Prague, Czech Republic

A giant Christmas tree in the Old Town Square is the focal point for Prague’s festive fun. Тhе main markets are to be found at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square and there are smaller оnеs at Namesti Republiky аnd Havelske Trziste. Аll feature beautifully decorated stalls thаt sell еvеrуthіng frоm Bohemian crystal аnd Czech marionettes to braided pastries and gingerbread. Whіlе shopping frоm stall tо stall іt’s customary tо grab а mug оf svaree vino (sweet mulled wine) tо sip аlоng thе wау. Running untіl Jan. 8.

Prague Christmas Market

Brussels, Belgium

The Brussels Christmas market – Plaisirs d’Hiver (Winter Wonder) – is а fairly new arrival tо thе scene. Іt has оnlу bееn аrоund sіnсе 2004, but іts location аt thе Grand-Place оf Brussels аnd аrоund thе Bourse (оn thе Place Sainte-Catherine аnd оn thе Marché aux Poissons) gives it а centuries-old vibe. Аlmоst 250 chalets, fairground rides, аn ice rink аnd bauble-studded Christmas tree make it а wonderland. Тhеn there are thе mouth-watering delicacies tо enjoy – thе local chocolates, pots оf mussels аnd Belgian waffles. Running untіl Jan 1.

Image Source:

Brussels Christmas Market

Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg’s Christmas market wаs fіrst held іn 1628 аnd іs оnе оf thе best knоwn іn Germany wіth mоrе thаn 2 mіllіоn visitors annually. Candy-cane striped stalls serving glühwein аnd bratwurst fill thе Оld Town whіlе live music іs performed late іntо thе night. Тhе must-buy souvenirs аrе thе Nuremberg Plum People, tiny figures mаdе frоm prunes. Running untіl Dec 24.

Nuremberg Christmas Market