Amancio Ortega Net Worth

Net Worth

$47.9 Billion

  • DOB: 28 March 1936
  • Place of Birth: Busdongo de Arbás, León, Spain
  • Profession: Businessman
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • Ortega’s business mainly lies in the fashion industry. He is the founding chairman of Zara Clothing.
  • As a teenager, Ortega worked as a shop hand for a local shirt maker called Gala.
  • He is known to keep a low profile. It is said that no photo of his was ever published until 1999.
  • His dressing style is very typical. He normally wears a blue blazer, white shirt and grey trousers.  Yea, He doesn’t like to wear a tie.
  • One of the books published about him is called Amancio Ortega: de cero a Zara (From Zero to Zara).